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Leadership in Activities
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23rd Sep 2014

As in all endeavors, organized activities require leadership. Clan activities are no exception. As a rule, organized Clan activities will be set up so that all participants will receive credit for a portion of a pursuit or the entire Clans rating will be improved. Spontaneous groups can participate in activities as they see fit but it is recommended that these activities be beneficial to the group as well.

When preparing for a foray whether going on a nightly mission or the weekly clan activity a Leader will be on line to organize the activity. The Leader does not have to be the same person, anyone of Leader level in the clan may organize an activity.

When the call for troops is issued, all available clan members will make themselves available and if the activity is at a specific place (Kenn Farm, a Volge Incursion, etc.) the group will transport to that location by the most expedient means available. Troops should come prepared to do battle with full ammunition and armor repair stims. In addition, a selection of spikes should be used to the advantage of the group. Ammunition spikes and Damage spikes should be used whenever the distances to available ammo boxes is great (ex. The single ammo box available at the Boss fight at a major arkfall.)

Each Leader and Officer should have one loadout dedicated to Healer Role. A good weapon and a good BMG modded for link and range should be in the loadout and the EGO perks should be arranged so that reviving and self-healing benefits the Group.

Kill everything that moves, steal everything that isn't nailed down and then tell lies about it at The Crater!!

Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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