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Clan Activities - Please Read
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18th Sep 2014


Weekly Clan Events will be organized and should be attended if you are on line. They will be limited by, but not limited to a one hour time limit. (If it’s feeling good feel free to continue!!)  Weekly Clan Events will be scheduled on Saturday evening at 8 PM EST every week and will begin organizing at Muir Processing.
Platoons will be organized with respective Officer Cadre and will be dispatched to their objectives. Communications will be by Clan Chat with Officer Cadre utilizing Voice Chat; Reserve units can be dispatched if needed.

Clan Events are designed to advance the Clan ranking by actively participating in events such as; Emergency Hunts, Volge Incursions, Major Arkfalls, PVP events, Shadow Wars, etc.

There will also be special events such as races from point A to point B in twos with the winners advancing and racing each other till an eventual winner is identified. There will be a small entry fee that will be submitted to the presiding Officer to be held and presented to the eventual winner.


Nightly Clan Events will be held every night around 8 PM Eastern and will be organized by an Officer. These will include Contract runs, Contract Co-Ops, Arkfall events, Hellbug, Scrapper, Volge, 99er, Dark Matter killings, etc. These events are not as structured as the weekly events but should be attended if you are on line. These events can be changed as necessary to assist clanmates in achieving specific goals if agreed to by the group.


All Clan members should be friends with as many clanmates and Officers as possible to facilitate “go-to” functions. Clan Members should further have one healer loadout and possess Armor Repair Stims and Ammo and Damage Spikes. All Officers and Leaders should be friends to facilitate “go-to” functions so their squads can “go-to Leader” to facilitate troop movements in the field.

If you have suggestions for Clan Events please see me in the game or post here. Be fairly specific 'cause I confuse easily!!

Chainsaw McCulloch

Kill everything that moves, steal everything that isn't nailed down and then tell lies about it at The Crater!!

Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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