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Welcome to the new Paradise Defense Corps website. I suppose that if you are here you are either a Clanmate or are considering becoming one. This is the clearing house for all information about The Corps.


Paradise Defense Corps was created out of despair. I have been in several Clans and have been recruited by others. They all either lacked organization or were WAY too self important. The Corps isn’t like that! While we do have a militaristic format to the organization there is no uniform, no tribunal and no Code of Justice!! There has to be a format for the organization and military is familiar to most folks.


We exist because people like yourself are tired of having FTP noobs overrun your clan and use up all of the available play time with idle clan chat arguing over whether this new weapon is the best, cursing in the voice chat or playing the latest Gangsta Rap endlessly. We exist because a little order can weed out the unwanted and reward the proficient. We exist because we want the perks a good clan can provide without the pain of having to put up with unwanted distractions.


You can participate as much or as little as you want. Clan events will occur on a daily and weekly basis. These events will be chosen with the express intent of advancing the Clan Activities so Clan members can reap the benefits of participation. Further rewards are having Clanmates available when you need a friend in a co-op or are being overrun by scrappers!! The rest of the time you can do as you please.


Don’t get me wrong, there are rules. Dissing Clan mates and foul language is discouraged. Obscene, suggestive or demeaning character names will NOT be tolerated and neither will racially motivated remarks. Infractions will receive ONE warning from a Clan Officer. The next infraction will result in dismissal from the Clan. I have a very low tolerance for jerks and my Officers have full discretion and my unwavering support if field discipline is necessary.


If you’ve read this far you must be interested. Read the first two posts in the Forum and see what we’re about!!


Chainsaw McCulloch
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